Indo-European Morphology

Indo-European Studies (IES) 210

Course description

This course familiarizes graduate students with the materials, methods, and outstanding problems for the morphology of reconstructed Proto-Indo-European and its earliest daughter languages. Among methods, attention will be given to the application of analogical change, the use of the criterion of productivity to distinguish between securely inherited/reconstructable forms and innovations, and major theoretical devices used in morphological analysis (e.g., Distributed Morphology and Paradigm-Function Morphology). Problems to be discussed will include both long-standing but unresolved issues (e.g., the reconstruction of the PIE noun class system), as well as issues that have drawn recent intensive scrutiny (e.g., paradigmatic accent and ablaut). Interface issues will also be examined.

Winter 2021

Time: MW 9:30–10:45

Location: Zoom