Review of L. Danckaert, The development of Latin clause structure: A study of the extended verb phrase (Oxford 2017)

Ennius Annales 550 Sk (= 537 V2) and the history of Lat. atque

Ennius 550 Sk (atque atque accedit muros Romana iuventus, ‘The Roman youth atque atque advanced against the walls’) has long puzzled scholars on account of what appear to be side-by-side tokens of the conjunction atque ‘and’. …



Second-position clitics and the syntax-phonology interface: The case of ancient Greek

In this paper we discuss second position clitics in ancient Greek, which show a remarkable ability to break up syntactic constituents. We argue against attempts to capture such data in terms of a mismatch between c-structure yield and surface string …

Classical Greek syntax

I offer the first theoretically informed study of second-position clitics in Ancient Greek and challenges the long-standing belief that Greek word order is ‟free” or beyond the reach of systematic analysis. On the basis of Herodotus’ Histories, he …

Review of A. Ruppel, Absolute constructions in early Indo-European (Cambridge 2013)

Object agreement in Lycian

The syntax-phonology interface

Wackernagel’s Law I